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Are you guesstimating your retirement? We have a smarter approach.

Retirement Income Planning

A lasting and dependable income plan to carry you through your retirement could be the difference between a retirement of fun and a retirement of worry. Americans are on average living longer than ever before, meaning the average time spent in retirement is also increasing. Are you confident that your current retirement income plan can provide for you for potentially 30 or more years? We can help create a retirement income plan customized to your situation to give you a clearer idea of how you will be provided for in your golden years. 

Long-Term Care Planning

We all hope we’ll never need it, but few can afford to be caught without it. Healthcare costs can be some of the most expensive and unexpected, and we want to make sure you are prepared for such instances should the day ever come when you need to be cared for.

Tax Planning

Taxes can be a confusing and overwhelming part of crafting your retirement plan. We’re here to show you helpful and proven strategies to minimize your taxes in retirement, so you don’t pay more than you actually owe.

Estate Planning

A proper estate plan can help you carry on providing for your family even after your passing. Ensuring that your final wishes will be carried out can help facilitate a seamless transition of assets while lowering the chances of any unforeseen losses. We can help you draft a written plan of your chosen beneficiaries and what steps you would like to be followed when transferring your wealth and assets.

Wealth Management

You’ve worked hard to grow your wealth – now let’s help you keep it! Blue Monarch puts your current portfolio under the microscope to help determine your risk tolerance, locate areas of potential growth, and develop a holistic plan to help you mitigate taxes wherever you can.

401(k) Rollover

Are you getting the most out of your 401(k)? There are many options of what you can do, whether you transfer your money to another plan, roll it over into an IRA, or take the money and run. Blue Monarch financial is here to help you plan and execute the best option for you!

Insurance Planning


Life Insurance can be so much more than just a death benefit. It can be just as powerful a tool in your retirement toolbox while you’re still alive. Blue Monarch can show you the best way for you to use your life insurance plan through a personalized approach to protect you, your retirement, and your loved ones.


Qualifying for life insurance as an American with a disability can be a challenge, as many insurers view applicants with disabilities as a greater risk. Blue Monarch can guide you through the complexities of limited options and higher premiums to help you find and secure the best plan for you.

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